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This File Upload facility is only suitable if the size of your file is 7.5Mb or under and you are using a broadband connection.

Please make sure that your file is not password protected.

Find the file on your computer using the Browse... button. Then click Upload my file>> to begin uploading your file. Please be patient. The uploading may take a while, depending on the size of your file. Please wait for our message. Do not click the Upload my file button more than once.

If the file is uploaded successfully you will see a message which includes your file name which looks like this
template_4.doc was successfully uploaded. Upload another file.

Click Upload another file if you have another file to upload.

You should make a note of the exact name, including the suffix (.doc, .pdf etc) of all the files you upload as you will need to enter this information into your order details in a few moments. Please note the upload facility will replace spaces in your file name with underscores.

When you have uploaded all the files you need printing, click the link at the bottom of the page.

File to upload: 

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