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How can I send you a file?

You have lots of options.

  • 1 Order online here The best - and easiest - way to send us a file. You can upload the file online as you place your order if the file size is 7.5MB or under. If your file size is bigger than 7.5MB, simply choose a different way to get it to us during the order process. There are just four simple steps to complete your order online.

  • 2 Email it Another easy way to send us a relatively small file such as a PDF or a JPEG or a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document. As well as your file, we’ll need your delivery address, the size of the posters you want from each file you send, whether any of your posters need encapsulating, and whether you want any of them eyeleting. When we receive your email, we’ll confirm your order and send you a PayPal invoice.

  • 3 Use yousendit here This is a fantastic service which is ideal for sending us a larger file up to 1GB in size. You don’t have to sign up for anything, you won’t get flooded with unwanted emails and it’s completely free to use. All you need is our email address which you can copy and paste into the yousendit page from here: [email protected]
  • Make sure you only click the SENDIT button on the yousendit page without checking any of the option boxes. If you leave them all unchecked, the service is free.

  • 4 Use our ftp facility. A good idea if you have several large files to send us - but you will need to have some ftp client software installed on your computer before you can use this facility. If you have an Apple Mac, Fetch is the software most people seem to like and it’s the one we use. You can get it here On the PC, we use FileZilla which is free. You can get it here Select the ftp option when you are placing your order online. When we receive your order, we’ll email you with details of how to use our ftp facility.

  • 5 Call us on skype Our name is studentposters.co.uk When you call, one of us here will talk you through the process of setting up a link between our computers and yours.

  • 6 Post it. You’ll find our postal address here Please make sure you label your disc clearly with your name, address and email address. Keep your postage costs down by posting just the disc and not the plastic case. Include on the disc only those files you want us to print. And please make sure you keep a copy of your files as we do not return discs submitted to us.

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